• La Polonia Yacht stewardess
    stewardess La Polonia

    Long boat trip

    The noise of waves, admiring new cultures, tasting delicious cuisine from all over the world, wind in your hair, new company and at the same time experiencing the adventure of a cruise into the unknown – all these are the emotions that are guaranteed to you by a cruise on la Polonia yacht. To decide on it – just pack your suitcase and set off on a journey of your life. Long sea sailing is certainly worth it, so it is necessary to decide on it with someone special. Crew la polonia is a group of people experienced in serving customers and tourists from all over the world. Their task…

  • La Polonia yacht crew and stewardess
    La Polonia stewardess

    A romantic voyage for two

    Yacht La Polonia is the right place to spend with your beloved person the anniversary of your wedding or relationship, as well as experience a cruise full of unforgettable emotions. Such an opportunity to celebrate together requires not only preparation, but above all the willingness to sail together. It can also be a chance to learn new skills or gain a new passion. On board the unique la Polonia will surely everyone will spend a nice time regardless of the length of free time. All guests have at their disposal the support of la polonia yacht stewardess, which will not only provide comprehensive tourist advice about the selected country, but…