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stewardess La Polonia

Long boat trip

The noise of waves, admiring new cultures, tasting delicious cuisine from all over the world, wind in your hair, new company and at the same time experiencing the adventure of a cruise into the unknown – all these are the emotions that are guaranteed to you by a cruise on la Polonia yacht. To decide on it – just pack your suitcase and set off on a journey of your life. Long sea sailing is certainly worth it, so it is necessary to decide on it with someone special. Crew la polonia is a group of people experienced in serving customers and tourists from all over the world.

Their task is to take care of cleanliness on board the yacht and serve customers. They also take care of the safety of guests during their travels. Therefore, with such an experienced la polonia crew, you will certainly not be threatened by anything! Moreover, la polonia yacht stewardess is on board, so you can always take advantage of their advice, support and talk about tourist attractions. This is undoubtedly a unique place for everyone who is looking for extraordinary adventures, loves the sea and wants to experience something new in their lives. A cruise into the unknown is a chance to experience adrenaline and meet new people at the same time.

Attractions of La Polonia yacht

La polonia is a luxury motor yacht 154.54 m in length, which was built by American Swiftships in the USA in 1999. The yacht is designed by Tim Borland and the company with which he worked. The yacht was built at the Morgan Sity shipyard, and its reconstruction took place in 2014 in order to modernize the deck and at the same time provide more space for guests. Previously its name was Cherosa, but with modernity in mind the name was changed. The stewardess la polonia is responsible for the regular service of the guests, who can always be asked about the local tourist attractions. Moreover, the stewardess la polonia yacht is at the guests’ disposal all the time during the cruise. If during the cruise you want to have a drink or eat something good, it is enough that you know the la Polonia yacht crew, and they will prepare your favorite set for you. On board, each guest has their own air-conditioned cabin at their disposal. And each interior is styled to a modern and fully adapted to the standards. Classics, teak wood and professional and experienced la polonia stewardess, which are waiting for you will surely make your stay on the yacht more pleasant. The chance to experience a new adventure is very fascinating, so it is worth deciding on it in a group of friends or in the company of a loved one.

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