Stewardess found dead on La Polonia
stewardess La Polonia

Holiday yacht cruises – a thought of a mysterious detective film script

When you think about the perfect holiday, about the holidays of life, what are they look like? Are these holidays in the mountains or maybe at the seaside? Or maybe you are dreaming about a holiday on the La Polonia yacht, where the beauty of the unpredictable ocean will surround you? Imagine a hot sun, warm water, great fun with the family and the closest friends, a rest from everyday duties, champagne and partying until dawn, loud music, various drinks in your hand, and whatever your heart desires. Is not it a great holiday? A holiday yacht cruise is an unforgettable tourist adventure.

We dream about it, but we also like to watch films related to our dreams. The mysterious detective stories are becoming more and more popular and screenwriters increasingly choose ocean sceneries for their films. An idyllic film would not interest viewers like the one in which an accident occurs. In real life during holidays, fatal accidents are rare. Film starts calmly. Onboard the yacht like a la Polonia, travelling passengers can admire  beautiful views, enjoy sailing skills and local knowledge of the captain, while stewardess will offer delicious drinks and surprising dishes. The main character could be the yacht’s owner, who leads a dignified life. Unfortunately, in unknown circumstances, he is murdered. Did greed push someone into this act? Why was the owner of the ship murdered? Who caused the death of the owner? Such questions are asked by the viewer. But what would the plot of the film be without a love story? We learn that the owner’s son is in love with the stewardess, who avoids the love of elation.  Does this love have anything to do with death? Police who wants to solve a mysterious murder enter the action.

The plot of flim combines an idyllic life, love theme, an accident and hence the death of yacht’s owner. What is more, the plot raises a lot of questions that intrigue the viewer. La Polonia yacht would be a perfect yacht on which such a film could be made. The luxury of a yacht like La Polonia would reflect the richness of the owner.

Only mysterious detective stories with a million questions could become a hit. Would you like to watch such a movie during your holidays? Apart from the horror threads, a yacht cruise would be the icing on the cake during the holidays. The dream of a la Polonia yacht cruise is quite understandable.

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